“Overall, I found this course very refreshing and educational on the topic of road safety. It has given excellent explanations of a variety of topics when looking at road safety in general, trauma to communities and aspects of the law which I now accept, and respect are enforced solely to prevent much more severe outcomes through punishment to those offending. Until I had been charged with low-range drink driving, I did not even know what the penalties involved were and had not considered how they would affect me or my job or my family and friends. In a way I feel like learning this lesson earlier in my life has been beneficial, as I am only 26, and if faced with a choice again, I will with absolute certainty, not take any risk, not only with my own life but with the lives of innocents in my community. I wish this course, or a similar idea had been included as part of my high school program. Thank you for providing this opportunity to re-educate myself and understand the importance road safety plays in our overall wellness as a community. “