“I am so grateful for the Queensland Traffic Offenders Program as I have learnt so much and have now become so aware of the serious consequences that can occur due to negligence when you choose to operate a vehicle. I am remorseful for the erratic decision I made under the influence of alcohol and fuelled by emotion that I allowed to take over. I am so grateful that I was fortunate that I did not cause injury or death to myself or anyone else. If this had of happened I would not be able to live with myself to have caused that much pain and sorrow to others. This program has made me realise that we are not invincible and that operating a vehicle is a serious responsibility not only for yourself but to others on the road. I have learnt what the effects of alcohol can cause whilst driving and it scares me to think that I stupidly put myself in danger and others. I have taken away from this program that if you choose to drink don’t drive and if you drive don’t drink, it is not worth the risk you put yourself and others in when you choose to drink drive, I have learnt a bit on how to control my emotions so again you do not drive under these conditions. This program has definitely taught me all aspects of driving which is about your Attitude when you choose to drive.”