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iBACheck Breathalyzer comes with 10 Memories and a LED Display and is also Visible at Night. It has long battery life and lasts for around 350 tests with Alkaline Batteries. Alcohol concentration in your body will change over time. This device is only to be used as a general indicator and will not provide highly accurate blood alcohol levels. If you test immediately after drinking, the results will fluctuate from high to low and return to a stable level after about 20 minutes after the last drink. If you are on a borderline legal reading or have any doubt, Do No Drink and Drive.

  • Advanced semiconductor sensing technology can detect alcohol content in seconds. Please wait 15 – 20 min. before checking, otherwise the reading will fluctuate from very high to low (then gradually decrease). This is due to the residual alcohol inside of the mouth, which enhances the results.
  • It takes several minutes to several hours, depending on the amount of alcohol you drink, for your physiology and liver to fully detoxify your blood such that your blood alcohol level is zero. Detoxification capacity is an important factor in the concentration test.
  • The alarm will beep, and the HI indicator will show and change to red if the result is >0.50 % BAC. Also, you may set the alert level and default unit setting depending on your local laws. Please refer to the user manual. Detect Ranges are 0.008~0.200 %BAC. If below 0.008%BAC (or 0.04mg/l), it will display 0, preventing false alarms due to excess oral alcohol and any environmental odours.
  • The standard package includes 6 additional mouthpieces. All of these can be cleaned and/or recycled.